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With a job as demanding as teaching, seeing a teacher give their all day in and day out really emphasizes just how much they are dedicated to their job. When it comes to teaching, a truly passionate and committed teacher puts in the time and effort necessary in order to do the best for their students.

Nichole Rinehart is one of these passionate and committed teachers! She is a teacher at Grayson Elementary School where she works with over 50 fourth and fifth graders. If it isn’t evident by her relationships with her colleagues that Nichole is a respected and cherished part of her teaching community, it should be clear once people see just how beloved she is by her students.

Nichole loves what she does because there is not a day that goes by where she doesn’t feel rewarded by her students. She says, “I get rewarded when someone understands something that they’ve struggled with. I get rewarded when they’re having fun learning. I get rewarded when they make me laugh.”

After reading through all the comments that people wrote about Nichole after they nominated her, we knew that we found our Waterford School District Teacher Of The Year in Nichole Rinehart. On April 13th, Nichole was presented with her award in front of her colleagues and students, as well as her husband, Jeff, her parents, and her three sons. Suburban Ford of Waterford Sales Manager John Duley was there to represent The Suburban Collection in giving Nichole her prize. As you can see in the pictures below, Nichole was ecstatic as she was recognized for all of the time, energy, and dedication that she puts into her students and her job.

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Immediately after the ceremony, Nichole and her family were taken to Suburban Ford of Waterford, where Nichole picked out her new car: a 2017 Ford Mustang! She is so happy with the new addition to her home.

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We are so honored for the opportunity to recognize these teachers for all that they do for the development of our children. We t want to extend our congratulations to Nichole once again for being an outstanding teacher!