Teachers are a valuable and vital resource for our schools and communities. Their passion and dedication drive them to prioritize making a positive influence on the lives of those they teach, preparing them for the future.

Their work has gone unnoticed as for the past sixteen years the Suburban Collection has rewarded the top teachers in its neighboring communities. Every “Teacher of the Year” recipient also receives a new car lease, of their choosing, compliments of the company. It is an honor for the Suburban Collection to express this kind of gratitude to the men and women who sacrifice so much of themselves to educate the future generations.

Recently, the Suburban Collection was happy to award a new car lease to the Utica Community Schools Teacher of the Year, Jeffery Groth. Groth is an instrumental music teacher at Malow Junior High School. Due to his recognition as Teacher of the Year by the superintendent, Christine Johns, Groth received a complimentary lease of a 2018 Silver Mustang Coupe from the Suburban Collection. Christine Johns had this to say about Groth: “Mr. Groth is a respected education who showcases the talents of students with professional performances throughout the region and state. As our 2018 Teacher of the Year, Mr. Groth reflects the dedication, innovation, and commitment of our entire teaching staff.”

A 24-year veteran educator, Groth has seen his students perform on multiple professional stages like the Music Hall Cafe and the Detroit Jazz Festival. This year, the Malow Jazz Band was selected to perform at the Michigan Music Conference which is a rare feat for a junior high school band. He is widely recognized as a leader in music education having served in many key positions within the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association, District. President and COO of the Suburban Collection, David Fischer Jr. said, “The Suburban Collection is proud to highlight the men and women who dedicate so much of themselves to the successful development of the children in our communities. We’re truly grateful that our business has allowed us the opportunity to show our gratitude over the past sixteen years.”

The Suburban Collection thanks Jeffery Groth for his passion and hard work.