Here at The Suburban Collection, we strongly believe in the importance of philanthropy. In fact, we’re so passionate about giving that that we’ve created our own Pillars of Community Outreach. These pillars of giving are based on a few fundamental principles. The first is to help the underserved in the communities where we have a presence with their basic human needs, including shelter, food and clothing. The second is three-pronged: to fund the work of organizations that are performing medical research, to support education, and to perform outreach that benefits our children. And because giving back is of paramount importance to us, we are heavily involved in local outreach across Southeast Michigan.

Over the years, we’ve made a point of weaving philanthropy into the fabric of our company. The Suburban Collection currently provides financial support to approximately 140 charitable organizations each year, and we make a point of screening and reviewing each organization before partnering with them to make sure that they are as committed to high standards of transparency and financial responsibility as we are. Our employees are deeply invested in our outreach efforts, as well, and together, we all work hard to provide the greatest positive impact we can have on our community and neighbors.

I’ve started this blog to draw attention and awareness to the causes that we are involved with, and I’ll be using this site to discuss promising philanthropic news, broadcast developments relating to The Suburban Collection’s community outreach, and to promote fundraising events and efforts that are taking place in our region. Please watch this space for future updates – and thank you very much for stopping by.


David T. Fischer