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For the past 10 years, The Suburban Collection has partnered with the American Red Cross by sponsoring a blood drive open to our employees and the public in an attempt to collect blood to be used for those in critical need.

We have had amazing participation in the past, but decided to extend the drive his year to two days. Extending the drive by one day increased the amount of blood we were able to donate by over 39 percent – 138 more units than we collected in 2016!

Over these two days, eleven of our dealerships served as donation locations where both employees and the general public could help in our philanthropic efforts. To make things even more fun, those who attempted to donate, were entered to win some amazing prizes. Five won an early sign-up bonus of $100, three won a 50” HD TV, two won a Fitbit Charge 2, one person won an Apple TV, and one won an Amazon Tap for donating! Everyone who participated was given an insulated tumbler.

We’re so grateful to all of those who came out for our event. They really helped to make a difference in our community. Contributions totaled up to 488 life-saving units of blood, which was able to benefit around 1,464 people who were at a critical moment in their life.

So, to all of our employees, our friends, and our families who gave up some of their free time to do something that will have an impact on someone else, we thank you. As the years pass, we have only seen more people make it a point to come out and volunteer their resources – this year is no exception.

david t. fischer blood drive
Because we have had such a promising event in 2017, we can’t wait to see what is in store for next year’s event! We look forward to seeing the familiar faces of this year and previous years, as well as all of the new people we will be able to meet as you spread the word of this event around.