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The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is one of the largest sheriff’s offices in the entire nation. There are over 1,300 employees that work for Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, all who are rigorously trained to serve and protect the many citizens within their office’s boundaries.

In addition to their 1,300 employees, there is another department within their office that is central to their mission that often doesn’t get the recognition they rightfully deserve. Within the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is a K9 Unit that is comprised of fourteen Dutch Shepherds. These dogs are trained in bomb detection, tracking, property recovery, handler protection, and narcotics detection.

These dogs within the K9 Unit quickly become their handler’s best friends. They assist them with tasks that human officers are often unable to carry out without assistance. Not only do their services work in making the community a safer space, these dogs are paramount in protecting their human officers in the face of danger.

Some may not realize just how active K9 Units are within a sheriff’s office. The K9 Unit within the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office responds to around 1,900 requests every year. Not only do they have their own responsibilities to carry out within their specific department, but they are also on call to any police agency within the Oakland County boundaries who require the assistance of a K9 Unit.

Because of how active their K9 unit is, The Suburban Collection and I wanted to extend our thanks to the officers and their four-legged companions for dedicating their lives to protecting our community. To show our gratitude, we presented one of their dogs, Paco, with a new bulletproof vest to help protect him as he serves the citizens of Oakland County!

Paco was joined by his handler, Deputy Garrison, Diago, another K9 Officer, and his handler, Deputy White. Sheriff Michael Bouchard, who oversees the entire Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, was also in attendance as he watched Paco accept his new bulletproof vest.

We were so honored to be able to support an organization that selflessly supports the community day in and day out. Here are some pictures from the event:

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