In the United States, 34% of children have specific learning disabilities. Children are increasingly receiving special education services catered to their needs, but many schools are having difficulty providing the level of support these children need. That’s where schools such as Eton Academy in Birmingham, Michigan come into play.

Founded in 1980 by Gary W. Pedersen, Eton provides individualized education to students with learning disabilities, ensuring that they are getting the support and school experience they deserve. The Suburban Collection’s continuous commitment to education in our community led us to support Eton Academy’s 2019 Gala and Auction: Unmasking the Art of Learning.

Focused on children in grades one through twelve, Eton continuously evaluates its students’ needs to alter and adapt the curriculum to promote growth and learning. The Academy also knows that learning important life skills is just as important as learning from a textbook, which is why they ensure that kids are given the tools to thrive in and out of the classroom. That includes providing opportunities to participate in sports, as well as music and art programs.

Through the years, the work of the academy and its teachers has benefited our youth while receiving notable recognition – generating the support of numerous institutions and organizations and while earning accreditations from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Independent School Association of the Central States.

Eton Academy helps to build children’s confidence and self-image surrounding their ability to learn and thrive.  The Suburban Collection is proud to support Eton and its students – our future.