There are a number of charities throughout the country that focus on helping veterans, as well as several that focus on helping children. The Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for Children is unique in that it focuses on both. This Michigan-based nonprofit functions as a living memorial to America’s veterans. It helps military and veteran families get through difficult times.

It is not only veterans who need help but also their families, who have felt the effects of warfare. In 1925, the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for Children was founded as a place where families left behind by war could go to help keep the family intact.

Veteran families can face a number of challenges from post-traumatic stress, to rehabilitation from battlefield injuries to high unemployment. As the world changes, the needs that families of veterans possess have changed over the years, but one thing that has remained consistent is the National Home’s dedication to fixing those issues. Over the years, the National Home has evolved over the years to ensure that it meets the needs of veteran families.

The VFW National Home for Children fosters a peaceful healing community in a rural small-town environment. In this community, 42 single-family homes are arranged onto tree-lined streets. Those who live in these homes have access to the National Home’s facilities such as the library, the gym, the Day Care Center and the playgrounds. There is also a fishing pond, hiking trail, computer and science labs, and more. The VFW National Home for Children functions in a way similar to a town. This is evident not only in its sense of community but in its infrastructure. The National Home has its own water wells, water treatment facility and sewage system. It also provides phone and Internet service to all of its residents.

The organization may emphasize children in its name, but the organization also knows that having a family member who is or has been in the military can take a toll on the whole family. The National Home has opened its community to families of active-duty military personnel, veterans and descendants of members of the VFA and its Auxiliary. The reason the descendents of members are allowed to join the community is that the National Home knows the the effects of war can last for generations. The family members who live in the National Home can be one or both parents with one or more children.

From the emotional wounds to the fractures in family ties to the financial stress, war can take a big toll on a family. The community fostered by the National Home can allow these families to get back on their feet in a number of ways. Families can find stability and security during a deployment, they can keep the family whole, and they can recover from crises. The Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for Children is an incredible nonprofit that makes a big difference in the lives of military and veteran families.