An Update on Focus on the Road

An Update on Focus on the Road

I am pleased to congratulate the following first place winners of The Suburban Collection’s Focus on the Road Contest:

Penelope Rampazzo of Athens High School

Sydni Rotenberg and Michael Soverinsky of North Farmington High School

Dylan Hoey of Ferndale High School

Shanmukh Ghandikota, Pranav Kancherla, Ali Hasan Shahab, and Faraz Ahmed of Novi High School

Ahmaun Berry and Olivia Franklin of Waterford Kettering High School

Hudson Khuu of Skyline High School

The Suburban Collection is dedicated to promoting safe driving. For the second straight year, we partnered with local school districts to spread awareness of the growing epidemic of distracted driving through our Focus on the Road initiative. Students at each district were asked to create a 30-second PSA that warned of the dangers of driving while distracted (especially with regard to texting) with winning videos garnering scholarship dollars.

Once again this year, student creativity and concern for safety were paramount. Their videos ranged from dramatic to humorous, with one first prize winner even creating a memorable jingle. Most importantly, all of the students who participated demonstrated the importance of using their communication skills to promote positive change and important causes with their peers and within their school and community.

Congratulations again to these talented students and their supportive schools.

Eton Academy’s Gala and Auction: Unmasking the Art of Education

Eton Academy’s Gala and Auction: Unmasking the Art of Education

In the United States, 34% of children have specific learning disabilities. Children are increasingly receiving special education services catered to their needs, but many schools are having difficulty providing the level of support these children need. That’s where schools such as Eton Academy in Birmingham, Michigan come into play.

Founded in 1980 by Gary W. Pedersen, Eton provides individualized education to students with learning disabilities, ensuring that they are getting the support and school experience they deserve. The Suburban Collection’s continuous commitment to education in our community led us to support Eton Academy’s 2019 Gala and Auction: Unmasking the Art of Learning.

Focused on children in grades one through twelve, Eton continuously evaluates its students’ needs to alter and adapt the curriculum to promote growth and learning. The Academy also knows that learning important life skills is just as important as learning from a textbook, which is why they ensure that kids are given the tools to thrive in and out of the classroom. That includes providing opportunities to participate in sports, as well as music and art programs.

Through the years, the work of the academy and its teachers has benefited our youth while receiving notable recognition – generating the support of numerous institutions and organizations and while earning accreditations from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Independent School Association of the Central States.

Eton Academy helps to build children’s confidence and self-image surrounding their ability to learn and thrive.  The Suburban Collection is proud to support Eton and its students – our future.

The Suburban Collection’s Focus on the Road Contest

The Suburban Collection’s Focus on the Road Contest

The National Safety Council estimates that nearly 1.6 million automotive crashes every year are a direct result of distracted drivers using cell phones. Closer to home, in 2017, Michigan State Police estimated that 20,115 accidents occurring in our state were caused by distracted driving. 1,756 of those accidents were caused by individuals aged 16-24, which, coincidentally, happens to be the age group with the highest rates of cell phone use.

These staggering statistics have moved The Suburban Collective, Michigan’s largest auto dealer group, to once again partner with area high schools, to educate our young adults about the dangers of distracted driving-to provide these students with the opportunity to use their creative talents to spread awareness about an epidemic that could affect them and their peers.

If you have a high school student at Ann Arbor, Farmington/Farmington Hills, Waterford, Ferndale, Troy, or Novi, urge them to take out their cell phone, gather their friends, and participate for the chance to make a change. Participating students are tasked to create 30-second videos aimed at educating their friends and classmates about the dangers of distracted driving with a chance to also win prizes for their

More information on our “Focus on the Road” project can be found online at: The Suburban Collection. Deadline for entry is February 28. We hope everyone will participate, make a difference and, most importantly of all, Focus on the Road.

The Suburban Collection Showcases “Suburban Drives Michigan”

The Suburban Collection Showcases “Suburban Drives Michigan”

The Suburban Collection, Michigan’s largest dealer body group, recently launched Suburban Drives Michigan, a 10-episode unscripted online video series exploring the people and positives of Metro Detroit and Michigan through the lens of local personalities while driving unique vehicles.

The show’s host, LA-based writer/director, Jeffrey Phelps seeks to answer What Drives Michigan? from guests comprised of area celebrities, local leaders and other individuals significant to the State. The inaugural season included: Jim Harbaugh, head football coach for the University of Michigan; Brad Oleshansky, the founder and CEO of M1 Concourse; Chuck Bennett, The Style Guru of Detroit; and Ron Kagan, CEO of the Detroit Zoo;  among others.

“Our family has called Michigan home for generations. We love this state along with the people and places that make it so special to live and work,” said David T. Fischer, Chairman and CEO, The Suburban Collection.. “It was humbling to have the support from so many prominent Michiganders.”

Suburban Drives Michigan aims to find the nuance, joy, and depth in each guests’ live while providing viewers with unique and fun experiences. That includes police K-9 training, skydiving over Tecumseh, and doing a donut on The Big House’s fifty-yard line with Jim Harbaugh.
Season One episodes can be found on The Suburban Collection’s official Youtube Channel.

16th Annual Cruisin’ To Drive Out Hunger

The 16th Annual “Cruisin’ to Drive Out Hunger” was hosted on Friday, August 17 at the Westborn Market in Berkley by Forgotten Harvest. This event also served once again as the non-profit’s Woodward Dream Cruise preview party. Each year, the Dream Cruise spans 16 miles of historic Woodward Avenue from Ferndale to Pontiac with 40,000 classic rides along with over 1.4 million spectators. Some of the highlights of the event included: Metro Detroit’s best taste fest, specialty cocktails and craft brews, live music by Larry Lee and the Back in the Day Band, Photo Booths, and a silent auction featuring the best of metro Detroit.

Forgotten Harvest was formed in 1990 in order to fight two interlinked problems in Metro Detroit: hunger and waste. They are dedicated to relieving hunger in the area while preventing nutritious food waste.  Within the last year, Forgotten Harvest has “rescued” over 45 million pounds of food by collecting a surplus of prepared and perishable food from 800 sources, including grocery stores, fruit and vegetable markets, restaurants, caterers, dairies, farmers, wholesale food distributors and other sources approved by the Health Department. The donated food that otherwise would go to waste, was then delivered to 250 emergency food providers in the Metro Detroit area free-of-charge.

Forgotten Harvest covers 2,000-square miles in their efforts to feed hungry people which include the Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.

The Suburban Collection believes strongly in supporting organizations that fulfill the basic needs of people in their local communities as proud sponsors of this important event.

Utica Community School District Teacher of the Year

Teachers are a valuable and vital resource for our schools and communities. Their passion and dedication drive them to prioritize making a positive influence on the lives of those they teach, preparing them for the future.

Their work has gone unnoticed as for the past sixteen years the Suburban Collection has rewarded the top teachers in its neighboring communities. Every “Teacher of the Year” recipient also receives a new car lease, of their choosing, compliments of the company. It is an honor for the Suburban Collection to express this kind of gratitude to the men and women who sacrifice so much of themselves to educate the future generations.

Recently, the Suburban Collection was happy to award a new car lease to the Utica Community Schools Teacher of the Year, Jeffery Groth. Groth is an instrumental music teacher at Malow Junior High School. Due to his recognition as Teacher of the Year by the superintendent, Christine Johns, Groth received a complimentary lease of a 2018 Silver Mustang Coupe from the Suburban Collection. Christine Johns had this to say about Groth: “Mr. Groth is a respected education who showcases the talents of students with professional performances throughout the region and state. As our 2018 Teacher of the Year, Mr. Groth reflects the dedication, innovation, and commitment of our entire teaching staff.”

A 24-year veteran educator, Groth has seen his students perform on multiple professional stages like the Music Hall Cafe and the Detroit Jazz Festival. This year, the Malow Jazz Band was selected to perform at the Michigan Music Conference which is a rare feat for a junior high school band. He is widely recognized as a leader in music education having served in many key positions within the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association, District. President and COO of the Suburban Collection, David Fischer Jr. said, “The Suburban Collection is proud to highlight the men and women who dedicate so much of themselves to the successful development of the children in our communities. We’re truly grateful that our business has allowed us the opportunity to show our gratitude over the past sixteen years.”

The Suburban Collection thanks Jeffery Groth for his passion and hard work.   

Birmingham School District Teacher of the Year

Recently, Maureen Martin, a special education teacher, and consultant with Birmingham Public Schools was announced as the Birmingham Teacher of the Year during a surprise celebration. For the past 43 years Martin has served as an integral part of the Birmingham school district including as Birmingham Education Association Union president for ten.

According to Suburban Collection Chairman and CEO David T. Fischer, “Recognizing and rewarding outstanding teachers is our way of showing gratitude to the men and women who contribute so much to the development of our children. We feel fortunate our organization has been able to provide a special thank you to top educators for the past sixteen years in the communities in which we do business.”

The Suburban Collection has been proud to give these incredible educators the recognition and praise they deserve. Teachers spend countless hours working with our children, helping to shape them into young adults.  

Maureen Martin is a wonderful example of an exceptional educator who has taken the time to go above and beyond for her students and the community as a whole. Her dedication to her craft has helped shape the Birmingham School District. She is a prime example of how great things can happen when education is at the forefront.

In recognition for winning Teacher of the Year, Maureen will also receive a new vehicle lease of her choice from The Suburban Collection. She will choose her vehicle from one of the several Suburban Collection dealerships in her area, which includes: Suburban Buick of Troy, Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Troy, Suburban Hyundai of Troy, Suburban INFINITI of Troy, Suburban Mazda of Troy, Suburban Nissan of Troy, Suburban Subaru of Troy, Suburban Toyota of Troy or Suburban Volkswagen of Troy. Combined they provide her with a total of 35 different models to choose. Based on her choice she will receive a two or three-year lease compliments of the The Suburban Collection.

Clarkston School District Teacher of the Year

For the past sixteen years, the Suburban Collection has honored the men and women who dedicate so much of themselves to the development of children with a special thank you to the top educators in the communities in which they do business.

Christopher Brosky, a science teacher from Clarkston High School, is a recent recipient of the prestigious honor of being named Teacher of the Year. Along with that honor, Brosky was also awarded a new vehicle lease of his choice compliments of The Suburban Collection.  Brosky was overwhelmed at being named Teacher of the Year at a surprise celebration in late May.

The Suburban Collection continues to show its gratitude to these top educators. Said Chairman and CEO David T. Fischer, “It is very important to recognize these outstanding educators and how they teach and shape our youth.”

Brosky will be able to choose from a Ford EcoSport, Edge, Escape, Explorer, F150, Fiesta, Flex, Focus, Fusion or Mustang from Suburban Ford of Waterford. Depending on the vehicle he chooses,  he will receive either a two or three-year lease.

The Suburban Collection thanks Christopher Brosky for his hard work and passion for his craft.

If You Can’t Give Your Money, Give Your Time

david t. fischer if you can't give money, give your time blog

One of the most common misconceptions about charitable giving is that the term “giving” implies a financial contribution. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Of course, financial contributions can make a tremendous difference for a cause, whether that’s helping individuals directly in need or by donating to an organization that will, in turn, help those in need through more substantial means. But not all of us have the budget to freely give of our finances to fund the endless demand of charities that give back. Never view helping charities as a competition; you will always feel inadequate if that is your approach to giving back. Just as charities need money to thrive, they also demand a volunteering of time, which is something that anyone can afford to give.

In a previous blog, I discussed 3 ways that you can give back at no cost to you, but I wanted to expand on this topic further because there are so many other options available to you if you have a strict financial budget. Here are an additional 3 ways that you can make a difference by just volunteering your time or resources:

Donate Your Clothing

We all eventually grow out of our clothing. Seasonal trends change and we replace what we have with updated styles, sizes fluctuate and we can no longer wear some of our favorite pieces, and sometimes there are outfits that get lost in our closets that we don’t touch for years. Dedicate an afternoon to sorting through your closet and filling bags with clothes you don’t wear anymore. Not only will you benefit from less clutter, but you are giving those who have little financial stability an opportunity to get clothing to wear that they can pick up for free or at a discounted rate.

Volunteer For A Local Charity Event

We all live productive lives, but we often fill parts of our days with activities just to have something to put on our schedules. Seek out charity events that are happening locally and sign up! You can skip a morning session at the gym or an afternoon coffee trip for an event that holds more significance. These events range in size and the necessary tasks will vary depending on the specifics of the event, but do your research and find something where you can use your skills to give back.

Become An Organ Donor

Only 42% of the population in the United States are registered organ donors. Your part in this is simple and requires such a small time commitment, but its impact is outstanding! After you pass away, your organs will live on inside an individual whose ailment is affecting their way of life. You can literally become a lifesaver.

Charity is not about how much you can give, it’s about your passion to make a difference. Your contributions are no lesser just because you can’t contribute money. In fact, giving of your time is equally as important because it fills the gaps that money can’t touch.

Novi Community School District Teacher of the Year

Novi Community School District Teacher of the Year

Those who dedicated themselves to the teaching profession are a vital and valuable resource for their school and community. With passion and dedication, they make it a priority to positively influence those they teach and prepare them for the future.

The Suburban Collection has been rewarding top teachers in its communities for the past sixteen years.. Each “Teacher of the Year” winner receives a new vehicle lease, of their choosing, complements of The Suburban Collection. The Collection is thrilled their business provides them the opportunity to express their gratitude to the men and women who give so much of education children.

Most recently, The Suburban Collection was happy to award a new car lease to Lisa Rice of the Novi Community School District. Through recommendations made by school administrators, Rice was nominated along with three other teachers for the award.  The Novi Educational Foundation board unanimously voted in Rice’s favor for Teacher of the Year. What made Ms. Rice stand out was a passionate letter from a parent, according to the Foundation Chairman Tom Smith. An example of how Lisa Rice goes above and beyond her duties as a teacher is her service on the Village Oaks Elementary Cultures of Thinking Committee, where Lisa works with parents and staff to implement new learning techniques that suit each individual child’s needs.

The Suburban Collection would like to thank Lisa Rice for all of her hard work and dedication.. For more than 24 years, Lisa has committed her time and energy to providing a quality education for all of her students. Photos of Ms. Rice receiving her new car lease can be found on The Suburban Collection’s Facebook Page.