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A truly passionate teacher will dedicate their lives to their profession. To these teachers, influencing as many students as possible is their priority. Every year, they await their new class of eager students and work hard to ensure that they are providing them with the best education possible, molding their lesson plans and activities to meet the needs of each individual student.

For years now, The Suburban Collection has been awarding teachers who have made an impact within their community and have been nominated as “Teacher Of The Year” with a new car lease of their choosing – a contribution that we are more than happy to make in order to show how grateful we are for all of their hard work throughout the year for being so committed to better serving their students.

We are so proud to award a new car lease to Nancy Kocsis as the Birmingham School District Teacher Of The Year. Nancy has been a part of the Birmingham School District family for 41 years now, serving both her students and her colleagues. Nancy is the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Advisor for the entire school district, which demands a significant amount of responsibility and devotion.

Adamm Davis the GSM Suburban Imports of Troy was there to present Nancy with her title and prize, which she will pick out at a later date!

As always, it was so rewarding to see the look of complete shock and gratitude on her face when she was officially recognized for all the work she has done every single day for the past 41 years. Here she is being recognized as Birmingham School District’s Teacher Of The Year:

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From The Suburban Collection and myself, we just want to thank Nancy again for all that she has done for the Birmingham School District! Both her students and colleagues were extremely proud to honor her with this prize; a group of her closest colleagues came together in order to support her in person by being there when she was awarded with her title and certificate for a new car!